Calling Creatives to the Army of Good

Life before the pandemic was different, hectic, manic even. Entrenched in the hypnotic work hard/play hard rhythm of unhampered capitalism, most people organized their schedules around menial tasks, eyes focused on the hamster wheel ahead. 

The coronavirus pandemic momentarily laid waste to our stale, monotonous cadence. Very few people anticipated this development in world history. Jolted from familiarity, our global society collectively watched with bated breath as lockdowns were implemented. Whether waiting in quarantine or working on the front lines, everyone abandoned large swaths of time formerly devoted to meetings and social engagements in the name of safety. 

Some felt liberated by the newfound free time. Others felt sluggish or restless. Raise Karma had been just a concept prior to the pandemic’s arrival, but this pivotal moment in world history demanded the innovative new art collective’s founders begin with determination. The collective embarked upon its first season, conducting its first residency program remotely to accommodate the times. From Raise Karma’s staff to its resident artists, the individuals pioneering this first season realized they could provide pillars of inspiration past the pandemic. Together, alongside each passionate viewer who joins our ranks, we are building an Army of Good.

This Army seizes opportunities alone. Routine is a formidable opponent, nearly impossible to surmount without assistance. While the coronavirus pandemic invited hardships into our lives, it also presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconsider, reorient, and realign. Raise Karma’s team and its resident artists rank among those who answered the pandemic’s call to action with renewed vigor. Each of us is a light that shines and reminds people to connect to a higher purpose and get to know themselves better. Our Army of Good leads by example - peacefully, with love and style.

Exploring Life’s Mystery Through Creativity

This year’s pandemic unearthed an otherwise shrouded truth - uncertainty is a rule of life, not an exception. Coping with large-scale uncertainty is a matter of perspective. By retooling how we regard this truly ever-present force, we can transition to a place of acceptance. Artists spearhead this collective shift. Their lifestyle revolves around uncertainty, whether it’s related to opportunity or exploring their craft or wondering when the muse will strike. Raise Karma’s artists lead by example, leaning on creativity to carry them through adversity. This practice yields gorgeous work of substance that inspires viewers in its own right, encouraging them to shift their focus from negative to positive space, from scarcity to abundance. Each of us can learn from the artistic example. If artists can create something beautiful out of the unknown, then anyone can.


Fostering Genuine Connection

The pandemic’s stubborn sense of isolation still hasn’t fully faded. As the United States maintains a striking coronavirus caseload, social distancing rules and limited capacities have lingered. People cannot interact as much as they used to. This can be particularly hard for those who depend on good conversations for emotional release. To cope, many people have come to rely more on social media. However, social media is a notorious cesspool of misinformation. Unchecked, these outlets don’t provide the spiritual nourishment we need to survive. Some posts even spark hate or negativity. Individuals turning to digital channels have an emphasized responsibility to filter out the unpleasantness.

Raise Karma combats this across our Instagram, YouTube Channel, and blog where we host artist talks, virtual exhibitions, and live, guided meditations. Raise Karma is committed to fighting online negativity at this crucial moment by elevating artists who spark unmitigated inspiration. Every artist has their own stories to tell, which allows people to look at the world in a new, more positive and perhaps even loving way.

Raise Karma’s Goal

The founders of Raise Karma believe that everything starts small. We believe that a free and abundant flow of creative light throughout humanity will profoundly shape our reality, filling a once uncertain vacuum with blossoming, beautiful opportunities.

The power of belief and human resilience are stronger than any pandemic, any blip in the regularly scheduled programming. Raise Karma seeks to build our Army of Good and lead society into a chapter of light, acceptance, and healing. We won't always need tragedy to facilitate these changes. Opportunity awaits in each moment, if only we clear our eyes to accept it.



Follow Raise Karma on Instagam to accept this Call to Creative Arms, and tune into our new weekly series, Mondays With Marlo to discover the minds of a diverse array of empowered artists through the expertise of Detroit-based fine artist and host Marlo Broughton.

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