The Seeking Series - Jasmine Nichole

Welcome to The Seeking Series - a limited run of essays by emerging literary voices that brings writers into conversation with the journeys driving their creative process. We're closing this series (and the year!) with a collection of poetry by holistic talent Jasmine Nichole.

Words for Seeking: Five Poems Between the Dusk and Dawn

by Jasmine Nichole

Silent night
Take away all trace of pain
For I seek peace
With nothing resolved my thoughts and frustrations swirl in unspoken words of silence
Writing is so much easier but how can a message get across to one who won't read...
How does a voice carry to closed ears
How does an image receive to blind eyes
A closed mind won't get fed
And the issues still lie in limbo... Uncertain and scared
Silent night
Fingers point in all directions and here we are again full circle
The balanced scale is tipped on the wrong end
And the crab won't open its claws
What's anyone got to lose when there is no more time left in the hour glass
Silent night

Jasmine Nichole, Poetry, Raise Karma, Art Collective

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so I closed mine
I've seem to forgotten how to open them
Can one be dizzy if one is blind?
I feel like my head is somewhere under my toes
And now my body is twisted
Why does happiness only last in moments?
Who steals it?
And why is it so hard to find again?
What is a feeling?
And where do we feel it?
In our heads or that warm spot in our chest
Most days I don't feel like I am really here
I walk as if I am dreaming
I am owed nothing so why do I feel so entitled
I fell in love with a dream and the reality did not want me
I wanted a facade and it cast me off
I’m blind and I seek sovereignty
I'm weak and I seek power
I've lost sight of the dim light
I've lost my grasp on desire
And I’m stumbling over my own feet
Is this life
I want to wake up now

Jasmine Nichole, Poetry, Raise Karma, Art Collective

I wrote a letter I probably will never send
I guess I just needed to air some thoughts out
It's funny how life has this funny way of coming back around full circle
Some things that didn't make sense begin to make full sense
Things align into a new perspective when you enter into new stages of your life
Expand the mind expand the eye
Expand the eye expand the mind
Seek to understand you will over-stand you will inner-stand
When you truly open yourself to growth...
When you completely remove yourself from your shoes and stand in those of another you begin to get a fuller picture
I'm standing in someone else's shoes and I'm having deja vu except now I'm you
I spend so much time alone that all I can do is think... Self-reflect and learn
I'm working on myself in ways that make me vulnerable and strong at the same's humbling
And it's bringing so much clarity
So much confidence of self
I'm learning to love myself in a different way
Less about the physical and more of the mental and spiritual
Knowledge really is power
This may not make sense to some of you...
In a way all my written works are a bunch of rambling thoughts...
But this isn't for you guys to understand
But a momentum for me to look back to
These are my stepping stones to freedom
It's liberating to know that I'm unlocking doors of myself
This is growth

Jasmine Nichole, Poetry, Raise Karma, Art Collective

If asked I could write a road map of your very person...
Every scar... Raised mole... Piercing and tattoo... I know it like I know myself...
Ask me if I remember a time and I'll tell you what it is... Maybe even what I felt depending on the memory
Why is that?
Why when I love I invest I seek and I absorb...
Why do I know you like you've never taken the chance to know me...
Why do I know you so well to know even now you are not your true self?
Why even when not in love I love...
Why do I wait for the revelation and the realization with patience I've never had?
Why do I feel empty of feeling and chemistry but still desire...
Why do I always come back?
Why do I know you and why don't you know me...
Why do I even care?

Jasmine Nichole, Poetry, Raise Karma, Art Collective


What does it mean to meet the same soul in different bodies?
Does that mean that something is unfinished?
A lesson you still haven't learned?
Is it a pattern you seek and fall into because of Familiarity?
Does it seek you out?
Have you ever heard of the term karmic relationship?
It's a romantic bond between two souls that continue to to cross paths because they have yet to learn what they need...
I find myself bumping into my karmic soul more often as of late
I want to say that I see you...
Your presence has been acknowledged
The message is clear
The lesson...
Well I'm still not quite sure what you want me to learn but I guess I kind of have some idea...
But eye see you

Jasmine Nichole, Poetry, Raise Karma, Art Collective

Jasmine Nichole is a Jane of all trades. A self-taught multi medium artist who has her hands in many different intricately painted jars. Between drawing, painting, designing, writing, modeling, editing, this girl does it all. She uses art to express the deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings in her mind. Her mission is to live in a world where people are emotionally free to express without criticism. Jasmine Nichole is a young innovative artist whose mission is to inspire and open up doors for anyone who wants to create to do it freely without guilt. Love for creating is what drives her and success motivates her. The tools are all there for her in her journey. Putting herself on the line to be criticized everyday this woman is well on her way to breaking the barriers society put in place to keep creative in their place. “If you’re not making them mad, you’re not doing your job.” And she truly believes that.

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