As a burgeoning institution, Raise Karma aspires to pioneer the unexplored relationship between our material world and the divine. We believe that art occupies the thin border between these two. Mountain ranges and city streets and Zoom meetings are the arena in which our endeavors play out. There’s no area too esoteric or imposing for the minds of our community members.

Raise Karma holds space for every person, because every person plays a role in making our world a more beautiful place. As seasons progress, the program’s output will build a virtual library of resources for those seeking further knowledge along their own individual paths. In the process of forming this, Raise Karma serves as a place where artists with spiritual purposes can cross paths like its founders once did, and see what further beauty results. In building an inclusive forum devoted to exploring life’s mystery through creativity, Raise Karma intends to actually raise the planet’s vibration.

Our program stems from studies of Sufism, the “mystical Islamic belief and practice in which Muslims seek to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God.” Raise Karma extends the study’s insights to members of our collective — artists from all walks of life who participate in our seasonal residency program. With a focus on strengthening and actualizing the highest creative self, each distinct artist throughout the whole finds harmony in their uniting passion and respect for the divine act of creation.


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