What are we looking for?

Artists will be tasked to create their own broadcast program utilizing their respective genre of Art, focusing on SIX key areas that Raise Karma likes to call “SPICES.”

  • Self-Expression: Is this art used as a means of self-expression? Will it promote self-expression for others?
  • Positivity: Is the art being leveraged to create positive changes for people?
  • Inclusivity: Is this art inclusive of diverse communities or does it exclude people from its “conversation”, intentionally or not? If unintentional, can this be easily rectified?
  • Communities: Does this art build community or strengthen communities? Elevate voices in underrepresented communities? Build community resilience?
  • Exploration: In addition to self-expression, does it focus on the exploration of self, other, and community? Does it open up necessary conversations?
  • Spirituality: Is there a spiritual aspect to the art? Does it focus on spiritual healing and connection?

Currently we have closed applications for Spring 2020. Include your name and email below to be notified when applications open for Winter 2020/Spring 2021.




In the meantime, check out our current artists!